The Fortyall Team

After 20+ years of playing tennis competitively and now socially, Holden Katechis claimed to have seen and used all of the tennis gear out there." There's just nothing out there that I want to wear," as he spoke on the existing brands out there making tennis clothing.

He knew there could be something better. Something built specifically for the movements, nuances, and game of tennis.

The fabric guru and Head of Design, Katie Kennemer came to Fortyall with 6+ years of fashion industry experience working with sportswear, swimwear, designer handbags and much more. So, when you feel how amazing your Fortyall Tee is when you first try it on, you can thank her here:

With dreams of being able to return a serve without paddling it over the back fence, Pate Katechis reminds the team of the beginner in all of us while heading marketing efforts.